Our personal security credentials are second to none. From individuals to families – including celebrities, high net worth individuals, heads of state, politicians, diplomats, dignitaries and key business figures – we pride ourselves on our outstanding combination of professional expertise, personal discretion and collective integrity.

Aerial Intelligence & Drones

Our bespoke, objective-specific construction and utilisation of remote aerial assets provide almost limitless observational and interventional capabilities.
From estate and asset management to security and law enforcement, from search and rescue operations to surveys and deployments across specific industry sectors such as insurance, energy, engineering, construction, renewables and agriculture – whatever your requirements, we can create the precise drone solution you require.
Our pilots are qualified and authorised to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) airframes in accordance with internationally recognised standards and protocols.
After determining your requirement, we are able to prepare and deliver a UAV with a qualified pilot, nationally at short notice and internationally once the required permits and authorisations have been obtained.

Aspects of Aerial Intelligence and Drones
Economic aerial security survey and safety solutions
Bespoke build to client’s specification

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Asset Protection


Using our wide-ranging experience of managing security on a multitude of residential and industrial locations, and testing the physical security on sites, we are able to provide in-depth security assessments and detailed protection strategies for all types of sites and assets.

The initial action we undertake prior to carrying out any security audit is to complete a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment (SRA) to enable us to gain full visibility of all the threats and associated risks faced by our clients and their immediate interests. This is followed by a full site security audit with independent and objective observations and recommendations.

Site penetration testing
By employing ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ skills, we can test – both overtly and covertly – the robustness and integrity of current security systems and personnel. Employing on-the-ground specialists and remote cyber technicians, our site penetration testing ensures every detail of your site security is fully stress-tested. On completion of which we provide a comprehensive post-audit report that includes mitigation methods to reduce or remove any threats.

Where required we have the capability to work with clients to develop and implement a security threat mitigation plan. This includes, but is not limited to, providing technical security measures, training staff where required and the implementation of physical security measures.

Cyber Security (Cysec)

It is worth noting that no anti-virus or firewall will stop a cyber attacker with the cunning to overcome a staff fallibility to gain access to an organisation’s cyber network. Numerous organisations rely on major financial investments in technical security, but still fall victim to cyber-attacks because of failure to invest in staff Cysec awareness and training.

Our cyber security testing includes interrogating the integrity of client safeguards against data theft, infrastructure penetration and denial of services.

Where required, we have the capability to work with clients to develop and implement a security threat mitigation plan. This includes, but is not limited to, providing technical and cyber security solutions, the implementation of physical security measures and training staff where required.

Aspects of Audits
Security risk-based methodology
Mitigation strategy
Site penetration testing

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Asset protection
Aerial Intelligence and drones
Cyber Security

Asset Protection

On completion of a security audit we use the findings of our Security Risk Assessment (SRA) to identify the threats and associated risks to you and your business. We’ll then discuss with our clients the most cost-effective methods to mitigate against these threats.

Our ability to provide solutions including an appropriate blend of electronic security measures and specialists trained specific to task enables us to ensure that clients receive bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet their requirements.

Able to operate globally, our personnel are experienced in working in multi-cultural environments where the provision of the security solution often has to be carried out discretely and sensitively.

We have a wealth of experience providing asset protection solutions and our personnel specialise in, but are not limited to:

Oil and gas production facilities
Mineral mines
Commercial and private marine vessels (SSOs and CSOs)
International ports (PFSOS)
Commercial offices and sites
Family homes/estates.

Aspects of Asset Protection
Risk based assessments
Technical and physical solutions
Bespoke security options

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Aerial Intelligence and Drones
Cyber Security


We provide cutting edge technology CCTV video analytic systems, using software algorithms to analyse the images obtained by the CCTV camera in order to detect alarm conditions, including intruder movements in a restricted area. This capability effectively negates the requirement for staff to continuously monitor CCTV images. Each software install is tailored to our client’s industry or residence and can provides the capability to monitor perimeter defences and vehicle number plate recognition.

Our NVR systems [network video recorders] range from 8 way to 62 way which can be remotely viewed on your personal devices or through a monitoring station.

We offer our clients a wide range of cameras, all of which have a night vision capability, which can be viewed through our systems and also remotely through the clients personal device or monitoring station.

Utilising our smart technology Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) CCTV cameras we are able to double the capability of client’s outdoor CCTV surveillance, whilst decreasing the amount of equipment and infrastructure needed to monitor remote sites.

The capability to zoom-in to capture vehicle number plates or facial features is vital in securing clients’ premises. Unlike fixed cameras, with limited zoom and coverage, PTZ cameras are able to capture a great depth of detail which can then be used as evidence during any incident investigation.

Our specialised Advanced Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are designed to capture vehicle number plates and record access to and from a site, whatever the weather or lighting conditions.

The capability of any CCTV systems is only as good as the installation and our experienced team can design and install tailored systems to meet your requirements, and provide support and maintenance schedule for the lifetime of any CCTV system.

Aspects of CCTV
Technical security solutions
Cost effective area coverage
Recorded Evidence

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Asset Protection
Aerial Intelligence

Close Protection (CP)

This often conjures up visions of intimidating ‘bodyguards’ ready to react, whereas in the day to day business of family environment the service should be subtle and pro-active in order to avoid confrontation for the client.

We prefer to provide discreet executive ‘chaperoning’ services so that our clients can seamlessly go about their business and daily life without unwanted distractions or the worry of threats.

This can take the form of advance or accompanying chaperone services for VIPs, business executives or family personnel who face a perceived threat or are required to travel to international areas of high risk.

Our experience in this field ranges from foreign Royalty, heads of state, politicians, diplomats and high-ranking officers, to celebrities and commercial executives as well as their families and key staff.

All of our chaperone personnel are holders of UK Security Industry Authority (SIA) Close Protection (CP) licences which are only granted after proof of approved training, passing assessment and a full Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

We can provide experienced and licensed female and male chaperones specific to each task and client requirements. All will have a minimum of a First Aid at Work qualification, some will be qualified Advanced Trauma Medics.

Aspects of CP
Advance on-the-ground assessments ahead of client travel.
Advance and ongoing journey management planning and co-ordination.
Liaison with relevant heads of security and key personnel.
Daily threat assessment and counter-action planning.
Implementation of anti-surveillance support.

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Covert Surveillance – Electronic Tracking- TSCM
Travel Security

Covert Surveillance & Investigations

There is a big difference between being a ‘follower’ and a competent and professional covert surveillance operator. Only proper and extensive training followed by on-the-ground, operational experience and post-operational performance analysis can produce the latter.

Our surveillance specialists have some of the most enviable backgrounds in this field and second-to-none experience of having operated in regions of the world where their detection on covert surveillance tasks would have resulted in serious consequences.

Our specialists are drawn from those few who have successfully completed the exacting training and enduring operational challenges of world renowned, intelligence gathering units such as UK Special Forces (UKSF), particularly the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), both UK Intelligence agencies and specialist Police teams.

In addition, we have experience of training surveillance teams, including international organisations, and some of our specialists have deployed operationally, sometimes for more than one of the units mentioned above.

This type of experience and professionalism takes years in the making and we can offer our clients access to the unique experience that others can only dream of.

Augmenting our on-the-ground experience we have a full range of covert technical equipment for recording and collating evidence.

Aspects of Covert Surveillance & Investigations
Asset Tracking and Recovery
Fraudulent Employee/Claimant Investigations
Intellectual Property Theft
Due Diligence
Covert Camera Deployment
Anti and Counter-Surveillance Support

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Technical Tracking & Relocation
Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security (Cysec)

Our team comprises of former UK Intelligence Agency specialists with priceless operational experience in online covert and defensive cyber operations at international level. We are able to offer:

Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Anti-Search Engine Optimisation (Anti-SEO)
Removal and concealment of unwanted online data for clients who may have been the victim of protracted online reputational smears, or who simply wish to lower the profile of themselves and their family for personal security reasons. A process that requires regular attention, online rapport building and input by hand, which cannot be automated.

Red Team Penetration Testing
Our cyber security testing includes interrogating the integrity of clients’ safeguards against data theft, infrastructure penetration and denial of services. This includes multi-strand penetration testing of an organisation through subtle stand-off technical means, involving testing technical and human resources, including staff procedures, to reveal potential weaknesses in organisational integrity that could be exploited by competitors, criminals and state actors alike. On completion of tests and revelation of any weaknesses, staff awareness and cyber defensive training can be provided to complete the evolution and tighten CySec for ongoing organisation operations.

Bespoke business resilience CySec awareness and defensive training for individuals and staff.
A potential weak point in any cyber security plan is the ability of staff to recognise and deal with any cyber security incidents. No anti-virus or firewall will stop a cyber attacker with the cunning to overcome a staff weakness in order to gain access to an organisation’s cyber network. Training is often over looked and given a low priority but without adequate staff awareness of cyber security, often costly technical security solutions will fail.

Cyber Investigations
Using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), Digital Forensics and Wi-Fi exploitation, we are able to find individuals who deliberately attempt to obfuscate their identity and past, and to detect corporate and insider wrong-doing fraud.

Incident response
Reactive response to cyber breaches or insider wrong-doing to limit the damage and identify the nature and source of the attack.

Aspects of Cyber Security
Persona location
Vetting and Due Diligence
Fraud Detection

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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Would you invite your competitors to your boardroom meetings? The answer is undoubtedly no, but that will not stop the most unscrupulous of your competitors from attempting to steal your Intellectual Property (IP).

With the emphasis to stay one step ahead of the competition at all times there has been a rise in the number of technical surveillance attacks on commercial concerns. This has been fuelled by the availability of off-the-shelf devices which can be easily deployed by the layman, often a disgruntled employee, with commercially catastrophic consequences to the target company.

Our specialist background and state-of-the-art technical equipment enables us to deploy overlapping counter-measures on a survey to ‘sweep’ for and detect electronic recording/transmitting devices. These can then either be removed or closely monitored and fed mis-information to thwart the attacker.

At the very least, even if a suspected technical attack proves unfounded, we will provide you with a graphic read out of your boardroom/vehicle/home that has been ‘swept’ thus providing you with akin to an electronic fingerprint of that area to ease future detection of suspected technical attack devices.

Aspects of TSCM
Boardroom sweeps prior to AGMs, crucial meetings etc.
Office sweeps after buildings refurbishments.
VIP chauffeured vehicle sweeps.

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Cyber Security

Travel Security

Overseas travel is a necessary requirement for many organisations and individuals. Ensuring that you plan and prepare prior to travelling, and then remain aware and able to respond whilst you are overseas, will increase your chances of remaining safe.

In both permissive and non-permissive (hostile) environments, if you are aware then you are prepared. Our hostile environment training course is designed to ensure that travellers have sufficient knowledge to protect themselves and deal with most unexpected situations they might encounter.

On completion of the training, travellers will be aware of, and consequently able to plan for and manage, the following aspects of their journey:

Personal security
Accommodation security
Vehicle travel safety
Cultural awareness and considerations
First aid medical treatment
Emergency situation response
Surviving hostage situations

Security Advisors
Where groups are travelling and working together, the potential for unplanned events to occur increases, not least because it is harder to blend in and remain unnoticed. We are able to provide specialist advisors with global travel experience who can become an integral part of any group and manage all aspects of security on their behalf.

Aspects of Travel Security
Training in preparation to travel
Awareness whilst travelling
Dealing with unexpected situations
Journey management planning

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Intelligence and Reports

Intelligence & Reports

If you are considering undertaking commercial or other activities in unfamiliar geographical areas or areas that can be considered as hazardous due to instability caused by political events, armed conflict or natural disasters, we are able to assist.

To fail to plan is to plan to fail and the best plan is produced when all available information and intelligence has been acquired. We have a global network of contacts who are able to provide ‘on the ground’ intelligence which can be fed back to our team of analysts. A bespoke report can then be produced that will identify potential risks and provide guidance and advice on how to mitigate against them.

Dependent on our client’s requirement our report include detailed information on:

The current security situation, how safe it is to travel and the safest way to get into and around the destination country.

Political stability and the impact this can have on travellers or business people.

Medical facilities available and the standard of care to be expected.

Cultural issues that might affect how business is conducted and how travellers should behave.

Security Advisors
Where groups are travelling and working together the potential for unplanned events to occur increases, not least because it is harder to blend in and remain unnoticed. We can provide security advisors with global travel experience who are able to become an integral part of any group, small or large, and manage aspects of security on their behalf.

Aspects of Intelligence and Reports
Provision of planning information
Advanced notification of potential risks
Ability to make informed decisions

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