Tier 1

For the best outcomes, you need the best people. Our personnel are drawn from a tier one pool of former UK Special Forces, UK Intelligence Services, the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency, UK Police Divisional CID and HM Forces.

Equipped with the highest-calibre training and extensive operational experience around the world, we have the skills, the understanding and the integrity to meet every challenge.

Added to which, we have forged deep and enduring working relationships with leading professionals in law enforcement and government agencies all over the globe. So working with Global Integrity also means having the support of our worldwide network.


Global Integrity’s associates are second to none when it comes to experience. Gained through years of working on projects around the world, often in hostile environments, with industries that include Oil and Gas, Steel, Maritime, Energy Providers, Telecoms, Finance, Insurance, Cyber, Technical, Construction, Transportation, Mineral Mining, Retail, Commerce, Foreign Embassies, NGO’s, Government Contracts. Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, Intelligence Agencies, Customs and Exercise Agencies, Corporate Executives and Celebrities.